Non Fungible Drugs
4 min readDec 4, 2021

The Alpha sale is getting closer and closer. let’s see some details about it!

In order to play the Alpha version of Non Fungible Drugs, you’ll need some NFTs.

All of them will have 6 different kinds of stats (prod.time — prod.luck — prod.power — deal.speed — deal.respect — …) and each one will make them perform better in specific jobs.

Here’s what you can get from our packs:

Henchmen — A selection of loyal criminals that will work for you — Barons, Lieutenants, and Untouchables.

Printers — Our drugs are Non-Fungible, so you don’t need earth, light, and water to produce them. Just a 3D printer.

This kind of tool will be released in two main series (Weed and Hash).

Every weed and hash printer can produce three types of NFDs: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

Printers will also have stats: they can be slow but powerful, faster but less productive, and also balanced.

This way you can organize your game experience however it fits best with your real life!

  • P => Printer
  • W => Weed
  • S => Sativa
  • 28657 => Gold (5 cyphers)
  • 233 => Silver (3 cyphers)
  • 2 => Common (1 cypher)

Bags — This item is essential to produce and carry your NFDs. Just like the printers, we will release different types of well-balanced bags.

NFD Pass — This item will be essential to play in many ways: once the alpha version will be ready, the first who’ll be able to join would be the NFD Gold Pass owners, then those who got a Silver one, and at last the Commons.

That’s it? No! NFD Pass owners will also get some dedicated whitelist, airdrops, and much more in the future!

Mystery box — many of you already know it. A mystery box is guaranteed in each pack and contains a certain amount of NFDs depending on its rarity.

The Alpha Sale will take place on the 11th of December @ 5pm UTC.
The whitelisted players will be able to buy at least one pack starting from 11th of December @ 4.50pm UTC.

Let's a look at what’s inside our packs!

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