Hello Goodfellas!

This week has been crazy for NFT gamers and investors, with some tokens’ prices that doubled their value or even more.

Many stunning news have been revealed about the whole blockchain world and we can’t imagine a better moment than this to announce the first version of our WhitePaper.

You’ve been with us for our drops, our Discord campaigns and games and now you can have a look at our Whitepaper right here:


Stay tuned because a lot of updates will come soon, and you know that we like to party so you don’t want to miss the drop we’re doing today to celebrate the WP.

Wanna be a Lord? Then have a look at our Discord server (https://discord.gg/TGmC2U4pqK), so you constantly get updated!



Hey guys!

Tomorrow our Promo Campaign will officially start.

What is it about?

We will release one sticker each day, two times a day: 8am UTC — 8pm UTC, because we want everyone to be able to participate.

There will be ten stickers in total.

These stickers won’t have a direct use in game, but collecting all of them you guys will get a bigger reward.

What do you need to participate?

Just a wax wallet (of course also Anchor is fine!!) since the airdrops are going to be on Atomic hub.

And how is it possible to participate?

Just join our discord server (https://discord.gg/6B6mKjGK), we will share the airdrop URLs every day.

Stay tuned on discord because over there you’ll find all the information about current and new events.